As an E&P service company, Pars Kayhan provides complete range of services for geology, geophysics, geochemistry, petrophysics and reservoir engineering as the keys to discover new hydrocarbon reservoirs and to unlocking the potential of its assets.

Pars Kayhan E&P section, carry out exploration, appraisal, development and production as integrated services.

Our blend of exploration and production solutions bring together reservoir evaluation, production optimization, asset integrity management and fiscal measurement of hydrocarbons.

We fully support our clients to recover valuable resources in the most efficient and sustainable way possible to promote

the longevity of the fields, minimize environmental impact and optimize production at each stage of the field life cycle.



Our services briefly include

  • iorSubsurface
    • Geology, Petro-Physics and Geophysics Services
    • Processing and INTERPRETATION OF Seismic Data
    • Analysis and Interpretation of Seismic and Geological Data
    • Core and Fluid Analysis
    • Reservoir Screening
    • Economic Evaluation / MDP Preparation
    • IOR /EOR Techniques
  • Drilling & Completion
    • Well-placement trajectory/ planning
    • Horizontal/ Vertical well placement and Interference analysis
    • MPD & CPD Services
    • RMR- Riser less Mud Recovery Service
    • MPC- Managed Pressure Cementing Service
    • Well Concept selection
    • Site Survey Management
    • Rig Service (Truck mounted/ Skid)
    • delfi-production-chemistry-cardH2S Service
    • Coiled Tubing / N2 Pump Service
    • Cementing Service
    • Mud logging Service
    • Mud Cube


  • Wellhead Surface Facilities
    • Well PAD design & Construction
    • Chemical injection Packages
    • Control Panel
    • Piping & Special valves



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